summiting santa fe baldy

We had itched for an adventure all week. We went to bed early Friday night and woke at 7a on Saturday, grabbed breakfast burritos at Blake’s Lotaburger and topped off June in the Santa Fe Ski Resort parking lot before setting off on the Windsor 254 trail. We hiked 7 miles to the summit (14 round-trip), climbed 2322 feet of elevation, drank 3.6 Liters of water each (filtered to refill half way through) , ate a million Cliff bars, Pro bars, Kind bars, Pro Bar bolt gummies, bags and sticks of jerky, bonk bars and more. Despite eating and drinking quite well, the last 2 miles back to the car seemed endless. We (I) was so nervous about keeping me and June hydrated, but we both did GREAT! The alpine views from the Baldy summit (12,622 ft) were gorgeous, with views of the city, Lake Katherine and endless rolling hills, plus pretty aspen groves and meadows along the way!






Tonight, minutes after I finished the book Sisterhood Everlasting, Stephen said, “hurry come quick!” I went in to look at the computer screen with him as his phone was dumping all the pictures he’s taken over the past year. The race of images made me laugh and cry and die. My belly was so huge! June was so small! Has it really just been 4 months since she was born? Have we really been in Santa Fe for 5 weeks? New York seems like all I’ve ever known and being June’s mom seems like all I’ve ever know. Time is crazy and I’m an emotional wreck!

Yesterday I was thinking about how parenting is good. Stephen and I are happy. June makes us so happy, as she smiles wide, learns new things, makes new noises and as we talk about her and love her so much together. It is bringing us closer together, and I thought we were already close. Being June’s mother has also made me slow down. I used to be very fast. Our lives seem to be simplifying – not becoming boring, but we seem to be focussing more on what is most important and really makes us happy. When we took June camping last weekend, we loved being outside, together. Simple and happy. Parenthood is good.

His phone keeps making tired buzzes because it’s overloaded and he’s trying to relieve it by dumping pics on our desktop computer. Once the technology settles down, I hope to grab a few pictures from the speed uploading slideshow to accompany this sentimental post.

“You sentimental woman,” said Stephen as he finished reading this.

june’s a happy camper

On Friday July 25th we loaded up and headed to Big Tesuque in the Pecos mountains for June’s first camping adventure. She was a dream and slept from 10p to 5a in one of Stephen’s down coats which made for a perfect baby sleeping bag! She usually goes to bed around 8p but she was wide-eyed checking out the fire, the tent, mama’s headlamp and couldn’t figure out why she was going to bed with a jacket and hood on, so it took her a while to wind down. We cooled our drinks in the nearby rushing stream, which also lulled us to sleep. Reese’s s’mores! June especially enjoyed the hammock —hopefully we can set it up more permanently soon!

We were so sad to leave. We can’t wait to take her again!

















rachel’s visit

My big sis Rach is a teacher, she’s pregnant and she finished some major house stuff so she got to come visit us in NM for a week! We spent a few days in Albuquerque and a few days in Santa Fe. Jam packed days filled with exploration, creations and new things and good talks are my favorite.

We toured the beautiful and secluded Los Poblanos, did a few hikes, scored big on NM swag at the Tesuque Flea market and other little shops, went to a double bill at The Santa Fe Opera, made some creations and bought come awesome creations!










20140728-170936-61776923.jpgWhoo’s Donuts – I’m officially obsessed. Come visit just for these. Clockwise: white chocolate lemon pistachio, strawberry jalapeño blue corn, dulce de leche and blueberry lavender blue corn. The blue corns are my favorite.


santa fe

I finally got the WordPress app on my phone, so now I can resume blogging, every once and a while.

We’re in Santa Fe! Stephen’s about 6 weeks in to his contract job for Outside magazine, which is headquartered in a beautiful stucco building in downtown Santa Fe. Fingers crossed they’ll love him and keep him around past September. We’re optimistic.

We’ve stayed with and are now house and dog sitting for Stephen’s aunt while she’s in South Africa. Her house is gorgeous and we are so grateful! She’ll be back soon so we’re on the hunt. Santa Fe rent is comparable to NYC-yikes!

20140728-170038-61238278.jpgI’ve missed New Mexican sunsets!

20140728-170037-61237372.jpgStephen has brought home lots of goodies from work and I’m a lucky girl!

20140728-170040-61240607.jpgEating on our aunts back patio is a dream. Every. Single. Night.

20140728-170039-61239503.jpgThe Bandstand – live music on the plaza most summer nights!

20140728-170036-61236426.jpgJune slept in her own little corner until her crib and all the rest of our stuff arrived to Santa Fe. (storage uniting)

20140728-170039-61239217.jpgJune went to her first rodeo!

20140728-170046-61246833.jpgFree mango popsicles and not free pancakes on the plaza for the 4th of July!

20140728-170042-61242376.jpgGrandpa Jeppson played with June while we played in the too-shallow-to-jump-into river in The Jemez mountains.

20140728-170041-61241475.jpgWe bought a car. Not a zoo.

20140728-170045-61245404.jpgJune’s poolside activities include shirt chewing.

20140728-170044-61244237.jpgAnd this is the reason I was enticed to enter Whoo’s Donuts – best enticement of my life.

20140728-170046-61246412.jpgEvery night. So gorgeous.

20140728-170043-61243387.jpgBox Canyon, Jemez Mountains, after visiting Bandelier National Monument with my parents and two youngest sibs.

20140728-170047-61247716.jpgTrader Joe’s – we’re regulars.


park city reunion

We only pulled out the camera a few times that week, and by we I mean Stephen. We captured our time at the Olympic Park and exploring steep streets and the farmers market but we didn’t capture the cards games and sequence, the crossword puzzles, morning tennis, fun sibling meals, pool hopping, a Heber Creeper train ride, paddle boarding and bocce at Lake Jordanelle and a baby shower. What a good time we had relaxing and making memories!

Here’s to hoping we’ll get a complete Jeppson family picture sometime later this year or next, after one missionary comes home and before another leaves. These missionaries… leaving short windows of opportunity for family pictures for almost the last 10 years!

IMG_2109 IMG_2115 IMG_2137 IMG_2145 IMG_2157 IMG_2221 IMG_2292 IMG_2293 IMG_2321 IMG_2399 IMG_2420

leaving nyc: like thieves in the night

So Stephen graduated on May 21st. We left for Maryland on May 22nd. On May 27th he received an offer from Outside magazine for a short-term contract job starting ASAP. We returned to NYC on June 2nd. Stephen had an interview with a newspaper in Alaska on June 3rd and after that interview he accepted the Outside position. We packed up our apartment on June 4th and 5th, a moving company hauled away our stuff on the morning of the 6th and we flew to Utah that afternoon.

We were sad that we didn’t get to say goodbye to most of our beloved friends, but I hate goodbyes anyways. We barely had time to get B&W cookies at Lenny’s one last time, eat dominican food with friends one last time and soak in our beautiful view of The Hudson and Jersey one last time.

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3We planned to take the bus to LGA but Stephen and Joanna convinced me otherwise. I sobbed like a baby in the cab. Stephen says it still hasn’t really hit him. photo 4We had a layover in Chicago. I guess the ads that we saw as we walked from plane to plane confirmed our decision. We scored front seats and June scored her wings on our second flight west. photo 6photo 5

We flew into Salt Lake City where my family met June for the first time. We enjoyed a Jeppson family reunion in Park City for a week before heading to Santa Fe, our new home, for now at least.